Lisa Robinson

Equine Nutritional Consultant

Lisa is excited to offer:

  • Cold Laser
  • Equine Rehabilitation
  • Tong Ren Healing
  • Herb Detox
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Positive Operant Conditioning

Contact Lisa:

Phone: 603-387-1530


I believe in DNA

Or what TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) calls Jing … the essence passed to us from the ancient realms giving us our innate gifts, upon which we build our lives.

I believe in evolution

Personal evolution, evolution of species, evolution of communication between species. I believe in quantum physics, and Depak Chopra’s field of possibilities.

My personal evolution started with lessons from my bareback pinto pony, and led to becoming a lifelong student and advocate for children, animals and as much as possible, a holistic approach to living. This evolution has led to our current offering of knowledge, services and products through Equine Health Alliance.

Along the way, I have lived and studied in Massachusetts, NH, Maine, California, and Florida. My subjects of study are varied but within the reality of my experience they dovetail. I was born with an interest in Food which led me to cooking, baking bread, breaking bread, nutrition, herbs, food-as-medicine, growing food, and landscape design.

My interest in horses led me to biomechanics, behavior, sport, conditioning, teaching, training, children, nutrition, medicinal herbs, nutraceuticals, alternative medicine, healing arts, landscape design, journalism, and business.

My interest in helping kids led me to … lots of kids. I want to acknowledge and thank all of you with whom we have shared lives. You know who you are. We lived deeply and gained infinitely from you.

A special thank you to the most recent who have helped us on this often daunting learning curve that is technology, social media your new culture. Really, we couldn’t have gotten here without you!

Formal Education

  • Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts
  • UMass Amherst — Animal Science
  • Oak Manor School of Equitation, Weyers Cave, Virginia
  • Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA, Early Childhood Education
  • UNH, Durham, New Hampshire, Writing
  • Cal Poly: Kellogg Arabian Center, Pomona, California, Animal Science
  • Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA, Landscape Design